“West Explosion”

Recipient of the Star Breaking News Report award in The Charles E. Green Awards (2013)

Houston Chronicle

Dug Begley, Dane Schiller, Michelle Casady, Mike Tolson, Claudia Feldman, Eric Berger, Ingrid Lobet, Yang Wang, Cindy George, Lisa Falkenberg, Dale Lezon, Allan Turner, David Rauf and John Tedesco

west explosionJudge Comments:

The Houston Chronicle coverage of the West explosion was thorough and was illustrated with solid staff generated photos. The writing captured the emotion of the day in a touching way and sidebars on the history of the plant, past disasters and questions and answers about chemical fertilizers were informative and well researched. The Chronicle also made good use of graphics to help illustrate the story.

Brendan Farrington
The Associated Press
Tallahassee, Florida

To see an aggregation of the Houston Chronicle’s prize-winning coverage,  select from the links below. Also, watch an interview with Dug Begley with the Houston Chronicle about the development of this coverage.  

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