“Dried Out: Confronting the Texas Drought”

Recipient of the Best Online Package (Radio) award in The Charles E. Green Awards (2012)

Terrence Henry
KUT, Austin

Judge Comments:

This was our winner. It was a beautiful package that smartly tells an important story. It mixed multimedia together in smart and thoughtful ways, never overloading the user and keeping the information tight, relevant and easy to understand. The interactive maps and graphics were critical in contextualizing the story. The page was laid out in a manner that made it easy for users to read and consume, without being overloaded. (Disclosure: Joshua Hatch knows three of the four producers of this package.)

The look/layout and ease of use of “Dried Out: Confronting the Texas Drought” are key factors in why this is our winner. There’s a lot of information, but the user doesn’t feel overwhelmed by it. The graphics, timeline and photos are done well and add to the story. Getting people involved by telling their personal story about the drought also adds to the project.

Josh Hatch
Senior Editor for Data and Interactives
Chronicle of Higher Education

Misty Montano
Digital Content Manager
News 9/KUSA, Denver 

Click the link below to see KUT’s prize-winning, online coverage and visit the Best Practices page to watch an interview with Terrence Henry regarding how he put this complex coverage together.

Texas Drought coverage