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Persistent Reporting Uncovers Facts Regarding Border Security Expenditures

June 10, 2017

Brian Collister, veteran investigative reporter for KXAN-TV News,  headed a team of broadcast journalists who dug through data, traveled throughout the State and made a point to talk to as many people who could add to the story as they …

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Experienced Broadcast Reporter Brings Personal Touch to Work

May 30, 2017

Reporter and television anchorperson Tara Mergener brings years of varied experience to the KWTX-TV newsroom in Waco.  The scope and depth of her interests and abilities has made her the “go-to” reporter on the station’s staff and has earned her …

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Star Online Journalists Link All Aspects of Comprehensive Story

May 5, 2017

Rachael Gleason and Jordan Rubio of the Houston Chronicle had a daunting challenge: How to best use the power of online media to present a sprawling story of the effect of an ill-advised Texas Education Agency cap on services to …

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2016 Star Reporter Is Watchdog on Military, Human Rights

May 2, 2017

Jeremy Schwartz, an investigative reporter on the staff of the Austin American-Statesman, is the 2016 Star Reporter of the Year in the Headliners Foundation’s prestigious Charles E. Green Awards.  Schwartz and the Statesman also collected the Silver Award in the Foundation’s highly …

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Small-town Editor Provides Community Focus

May 2, 2017

As Managing Editor of the Vernon Daily Record, Daniel Walker presides over a three-person staff, and wears just about every hat available.  He also proves conclusively that intelligence, conscience and journalistic skill are not resources reserved for the newsrooms of big-city …

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