Articles from April, 2015

A Town for Sale

April 16, 2015

It is not often that we get a description of a town as it existed in the early nineteenth century in works other than in travel books, or possibly in novels.  There is one exception that I know of, and …

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R.B. Brenner: As ‘Rolling Stone’ debacle shows, journalism schools’ mission has never been more important

April 11, 2015

NOTE: This commentary first appeared April 9, 2015 in The Dallas Morning News. It is republished here with permission. My student’s email arrived with an eye-catching subject line: lucky 7. It was shorthand for the seventh revision of a story …

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News of the US: April 1815

April 1:  From the French “Mercure” of April –“We actually possess in Paris Mr. John Howard Payne, the first actor in the United States.  After being successful in England, where the uniformity of the language with his own, has permitted …

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