Articles from September, 2014

Of Pensacola

September 15, 2014

Extracts from a Diary of a Prisoner of War of the British in Southern Alabama and Western Florida in the Fall of 1814 From the Richmond Enquirer of January 5, 1815 Enquirer‘s editorial introduction: “We have received from an attentive …

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News of the U.S.: September 1814

September 1:  From Baltimore — “Baltimore is making all necessary preparations to receive the enemy.  Although no immediate apprehension is felt, they are throwing up entrenchments all round the city.  White, yellow and black, gentle and simple, rich and poor, …

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First Amendment rights, open government essential to democracy

September 5, 2014

Defending the U.S. Constitution is popular these days, when it centers on gun rights, states’ rights or search and seizure protections. As we guard the principles of our nation’s founders, let’s not overlook the all-important First Amendment of the Constitution …

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